Regional Taste Intensity Test

Sensation: Taste


English, Spanish


An assessment of taste sensitivity. Participants are asked to rate the intensity of salty and bitter solutions on the tip of their tongue and mouth.

Administration Info

Age range: 12+
Test Time: 6 minutes
Available in: NIH Toolbox
Administration: Examiner-administered
Devices: iPad
Additional equipment required: Yes
Qualification Level: N/A

Supplies & Equipment

  • Disposable Cup
  • Gloves
  • iPad Stand
  • Laminated Card
  • Purified Water
  • Quinine Solution
  • Salt Solution
  • Spittoon
  • Sterile Cotton Swabs
  • Plus other; for a full list of equipment and materials needed, please refer to Appendix 6 of the NIH Toolbox V3 Administration Manual

Training Video


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